happy poem

my little brother told me all my poems are depressing and to write a happy one so here u go.


the best feeling is running

not running when there’s nothing left inside

but running when your so full of emotions that it fuels your feet

when you’re so happy you could just explode

when your mind is racing you but you still keep up

i wish that feeling would last forever

but now when i try to run

my thoughts pass me

they leave me behind in the dark

how did i used to keep up?

(i can’t write happy poems)

(sorry max)


8 thoughts on “happy poem

      1. I wanna do lots, but I wan’t to make movies I’m proud of. I wanna make the music in those movies. I also want to teach english once I’ve lived long. Aubrey told me you’re gonna live it up in London- that’s sorta exciting….. When?

        Also, I can’t remember exactly what you told me about your friend in Croatia, but how is he?


      2. that’s so sick, i will watch out for ur movies and music. there is a goldsmithing school in london so hopefully i can make it there next fall.

        and honestly idk i hope he is doing good i haven’t talked to him for a long while. but hopefully i can cross paths with him again.


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