how could you lie like that

we were best friends

i loved being around you

you made me feel seen and wanted

if only i would’ve known

you only meant harm.

sometimes i think back

there must’ve been some good in you

you cared

but then the stories race through my head

they make me so sick

how are you two different people

how could you be so manipulative and selfish

you made me feel so small

my opinions were wrong

you knew everything

i knew nothing

you knew exactly what to do and say

you controlled every relationship i had

i could do nothing

every action was to please you

to you i was just a puppet

something on your shelf

waiting for you to play with when you were done with the one before

how could someone so vile be hiding in something that seemed so pure

i only hope you don’t do the same to the ones to follow

you have destroyed so many

and you still walk through the halls like you have never done wrong


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