why do they leave

why did you do it?

it’s been on my mind so much recently

how do you not feel bad

we became so close

we talked every night and every day

but when i finally gave in you left


i guess you saw it coming so you could prepare

but i had no idea

i gave myself up trusting you would keep me

but you threw me down like i was nothing.

if you were going to do that why not just tell me

instead you made me believe you thought about me

i believed you actually cared

the worst part was

my heart was still whole

i was so pure and innocent and you took that

only so you could tell your friends and receive their praise

how are you so shallow


3 thoughts on “why do they leave

  1. Oh my gosh you put my feelings into words perfectly. I understand exactly how you feel. I went through this exact same thing earlier this school year. I will tell you it hurts like crap, but if you try not to focus on it too hard (i know its hard but please try) and think about the good things in your life instead, it will help you get through your days. Hope this helps and thanks for writing 🙂

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