how to explain it

i really don’t know how to explain love

first off it’s so rare

it is such a small chance that out of ALL the people in the world the person you love loves u back just as much

it scares me that love might be uneven

the person i loved didn’t love me at all

and the person that loves me i don’t love back

so how do you find that person

it really feels impossible

all i know is i’ve only had a glimpse of what love is

it didn’t last long but i still think about it everyday

even just for that sliver of time

i felt so lucky that you may have loved me just as much as i loved you

but i was so wrong.

i don’t necessarily miss you now i just miss the feeling

you made me feel complete and full

but once you took that away you took me with it

i completely deflated

hundreds of pounds pressed down on me


i don’t think you know you had that effect on me

it hurt most that you were fine

but i’m at least thankful you taught me what love feels like

even if it just hurt me more in the end


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